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A framework to accelerate clean energy access solutions in Central America

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Accelerating the energy transition in developing countries: Inclusion of women in clean energy strategies

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Energy access for all: we can make it togETHer!


La importancia del contexto en la justicia y acción climática

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Press releases

Baublatt Magazine
November, 2021

Energieversorgung: Wie abgelegene Gebiete zu einem Stromnetz kommen.

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Prensa Libre
February, 2021

Guatemalteca estudia cómo llevar electricidad a comunidades olvidadas.

Link to publication

Podcast: Senacyt
March, 2022

Una solución a la problemática de electrificación en comunidades rurales - 

Ciencia al servicio de la sociedad 

Link to audio episode

Podcast: The Loud Ambiente Show
November, 2020

Desarrollo sostenible y Electrificación (Episode 9) 

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Webinar: Tecnología aplicada al desarrollo rural
May, 2021


Revista ITNOW
May, 2021 

¿Cómo puede la tecnología ser parte del desarrollo rural?  Link to publication

Prensa Libre
December, 2020

Guatemalteca investiga cómo ayudar a comunidades del mundo donde la energía eléctrica es un sueño.

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Podcast: Marcel Barascout
February, 2022

Energía sostenible utilizando análisis de data

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Webinar: Inteligencia artificial aplicada al desarrollo sostenible en Centroamérica
July, 2021

IEEE SIGHT (Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala) and IEEE TEMS (Universidad Don Bosco de El Salvador)

Webinar: Transición energética – adopción de tecnologías y rol de las mujeres como líderes del hogar 
March, 2021

Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World (OWSD), UNESCO – Guatemalan Chapter

Empa Quarterly 
April, 2021

Tailor-made power grids.

Link to publication

Podcast: epiSTEMas
August, 2022

Ingeniería civil y electrificación sostenible

Link to audio episode

Podcast: Divulga
January, 2021

Consumo energético

(Episode 13) 

Link to audio episode

Link to video episode

Data-driven models for rural development

June, 2021

Multiphysics Channel, Empa TV. Link to webinar episode

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Actualizado: 20 nov 2022

Besides contributing to science, I also make art. When I take my brushes and colors and I stand in front of a white canvas, I let my mind and creativity flow as far as they can get. It is almost the same feeling I get when I sit in front of a blank page and I am about to start writing about my research results.
If I could describe myself in one word, that would be passionate. Everything I do, I do it with passion, dedication and effort. I truly believe I am capable of making a positive impact with both my art and my science. From making someone smile and immerse into my world of bright colors and light, to contributing to improve the quality of life of people in developing countries.

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